The Cellar

The farm, born in the Sixities, enlarges upon a 33 hectares surface and comprises both cultivated and woody areas. Its location, on the morainic hills, makes it particularly suitable for the cereals, olive trees and wine grapes.

The farm produces extravirgin oil of a superior quality, very good white, red and rosè table wines, sparking wines, grappas and straw wines.All products can be purchased online or directly from the farm's cellar.

The farm is located in the borough of Muscoline, with 20 arable hectares, 7 hectares of vineyard and 6 hectares of woods. The cellar where the wine is made is about 1 km far from the agritourism.

The performance of the vineyards, per hectare, is 70/88 quintals.The yearly oil production is about 300 kgs.


Via Belvedere, 55
Castrezzone di Muscoline - 25080 (BS)
Tel. 0039 0365 32143 


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