Cycling holidays and Trekking


The position of Lake Garda, laid down between the morainic hills and the mountains, makes of it the ideal place for walks more or less challenging and for out-and-out trekking or high flying climbing. Innumerable are the itinieraries: everyone can find the one suitable to their needs and physical shapes. A pleasant walk, suitable for everyone is, for example, a trip to the Valle delle Cartiere of Toscolano, a widely famous pole of paper factories already runing in the Fifteen century. The more adventurous ones wil choose, instead, among the many paths recommended at the park of Alto Garda Bresciano.

Cycling holidays

The Garda hinterland is a perfect territory for cycling holidays. And bycicles are the ideal means of transportation for moving without losing anything of the beauty of the places we come across, in tranquillity, silence and at close range with nature. Everywhere aorund the Lake can be found cycling paths suitable for families and aficionados, which cross both the residential areas and the hills and the country, as far as the eye can see. One the most popular unravels along the river Mincio, connecting Peschiera del Garda with Mantua, going through Valeggio anf Borghetto, for a total length of 45 km.

Nordic Walking

It's performed outdoors, it's good for the heart and for the blood circulation, it strenghtens arms and shoulders, it improves the spine posture and tones up glutes and abdominals. At first sight it would appear like a miracolous cure. Instead, it's the Nordic Walking, a new way to practice sport which is getting popular worldwide. A sport for everyone, all the year round, which offers a cheap, fun and easy way to enjoy an healthy and active lifestyle.